Repair on an outdoor mounted AC unit
December 18, 2019

7 Major Differences Between Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

An HVAC system works to ventilate, cool, and heat the building it services. The requirements of living space are not the same as those of a commercial building, though, so two separate HVAC systems have been developed to fulfill different needs. Let’s take a look at the difference between the residential and commercial HVACs available...Read More
HVAC technicians with a dog
December 17, 2019

5 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

As much as we adore our Charleston pets, they too come with negative aspects. Yes, they bring unconditional love, cuddles, and kisses into our homes, but unfortunately, that’s not all. They also bring dirt, dust, fur, and dander, which can be hazardous to our health, as well as to our HVAC systems. Luckily, this damage...Read More
Modern living room with paitings
November 15, 2019

Fall Heating and Air Tips in Charleston, South Carolina

Fall is one of the best times of the year to check if your HVAC system is working correctly. Making sure your HVAC system is working well will ensure that you are ready to deal with the coming winter months. Though there are multiple ways to do this, let’s look at the top four.  1....Read More
5 Fall HVAC maintenance tips
November 1, 2019

5 Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units begin to play a more significant role in our lives during Fall when the temperature starts to drop, which is the perfect time to perform some maintenance activities, to make sure that you’re prepared for winter. Let’s look at five of the best ways to take care of...Read More
Top 4 tips for HVAC Careers
October 31, 2019

Top 4 Tips for HVAC Careers

There’s a great deal to be said for working in the HVAC service. In many ways, it’s like plumbing, or roofing, or other household maintenance work: no matter what state the economy may be in, it’s a service that’ll always be in demand. However, much like any career, HVAC work isn’t for everybody; and there...Read More
Tips, Air Conditioners
October 24, 2019

5 Ways to Maintain Your HVAC Health

As we move from the milder months into the cold season, our HVAC system is once again going to be working hard to keep our home cozy and warm. No time is better than the present to take stock of your heating system’s health.  Our HVAC systems are essential to the air quality and comfort...Read More
4 common mistakes to avoid when replacing your AC unit
Tips, Air Conditioners
October 7, 2019

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your Air Conditioning in Your Charleston Home or Office

For many people, air conditioning is an essential part of their homes and offices. It can ensure that your house/office is always kept in a pleasant condition. However, over time, the air conditioning unit can break down and require replacement. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes that people make when replacing air...Read More
Modern AC heater unit outdoors
October 2, 2019

Top 5 Ways to Pick the Best Air Conditioning (HVAC) Company in Charleston, SC

Charleston gets hot in the summer, with temperatures averaging higher than 90 degrees in August with only nine days of rain. It's not unusually warm in winter either, leaving many residents to rely on the smooth functioning of their HVAC in Charleston, SC, to keep the temperature regulated inside their homes and offices. Since almost...Read More
Five air conditioning units outside of red brick building
Air Conditioners
October 22, 2018

6 Factors in Choosing a Heating/Cooling System Replacement

Choosing a heating/cooling system replacement is an investment in the future. The combined average service life of a furnace and central air conditioner is over 15 years. So, whatever choice you make now, you’ll be living with the results for some time to come. This includes the heating or cooling performance of the system, which…Read More

Orange smart thermostat mounted on wall displaying seventy degrees fahrenheit
Air Conditioners
October 4, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Thermostats

When programmable thermostats hit the market around 20 years ago, homeowners who installed them realized energy savings. Their only effort was to program the thermostat to match their occupancy patterns. Anyone coming home unexpectedly had to really override the thermostat, which if entered wrong, could wipe out energy savings entirely. As Wi-Fi apps proliferated, HVAC…Read More