Top 5 Ways to Pick the Best Air Conditioning (HVAC) Company in Charleston, SC

Charleston gets hot in the summer, with temperatures averaging higher than 90 degrees in August with only nine days of rain. It’s not unusually warm in winter either, leaving many residents to rely on the smooth functioning of their HVAC in Charleston, SC, to keep the temperature regulated inside their homes and offices. Since almost every resident has an air conditioning system, the competitive maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of HVAC units is big business… So how do you know whom to hire?

1. Narrowing Down HVAC options in Charleston, South Carolina

All of the top Charleston air conditioning companies offer a different range of services. Some focus on repair, others specialize in cleaning, and still, others focus on replacement of whole HVAC systems! Whatever you need you can find it for your HVAC in Charleston. 

To start narrowing down your options, consider what you need most. Do you want to repair an existing air conditioning unit? Clean it? Alternatively, replace it? The top Charleston air conditioning companies will sometimes offer a combination of all three.

2. Think About Ongoing Air Conditioning Costs

A big mistake people often make in Charleston is that they have the HVAC system installed – then they neglect it! That poor system runs day-in, day-out, all year long! Without maintenance, there is only so long your new air conditioning unit will last before it breaks down. The top Charleston air conditioning companies usually offer excellent rates for ongoing repair and duct/ HVAC filter cleaning.  If you are not on a maintenance plan, contact us.

3. Ask for Referrals from Contractors

If you are building your own property or refurbishing an old air conditioning system then getting referrals to trusted providers of HVAC in Charleston, SC, might be an excellent way to find the best company. Contractors will have worked with some HVAC installation companies in the local area in the past. They will know who has done excellent work for them, and which companies to avoid. You can also ask family and friends local to the area which air conditioning service they use.

4. Request a Proposal

When choosing from the top Charleston air conditioning companies, a great way to make your final decision is to ask your favorite firms for a written proposal; this works in a variety of ways. It lets you advertise the job and learn about which HVAC firms can handle the task.  Finally, requesting a written proposal gives you something to reflect back on when you are ready to make a final decision.

5. Picking from the Top Charleston Air Conditioning Companies

Choosing which firm to take care of your HVAC in Charleston, SC, is easy when you get your estimates in writing. A reliable, reputable air conditioning service will always be glad to provide you with accurate records. When making your final decision avoid HVAC companies that don’t provide you with these records and you should be fine.

Still Struggling? 

If you are still struggling to decide on the top air conditioning contractor in Charleston, then we may be able to help you proceed. Contact us today to request a quote, talk about HVAC systems or ask about any of the services we provide.