Fall Heating and Air Tips in Charleston, South Carolina

Fall is one of the best times of the year to check if your HVAC system is working correctly. Making sure your HVAC system is working well will ensure that you are ready to deal with the coming winter months. Though there are multiple ways to do this, let’s look at the top four. 

1. Find Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

Keeping your HVAC system running all the time can be very expensive. For this reason, you might want to try to find other ways to keep the house warm. Other options can include getting plenty of natural light into the house. Such light will allow you to warm your home organically. Also, you might want to try cooking more meals indoors. By releasing more heat, you will be able to warm the house without having to rely so strongly on the HVAC system. 

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2. Check the System Earlier

It is best also to make sure to check the system early in the fall. By doing so you will have plenty of time to address any potential issues before winter. Generally, the sooner that you can identify potential problems the easier they will be to resolve. Also, for more severe repairs, you will have plenty of time to order in replacement parts. Having replacement parts early will ensure that your HVAC unit is working by the time that cold winter comes around. 

3. Replace Your Air Filters

You might also want to consider replacing your air filters. It’s recommended that you do this every few months. The air filters are essential to ensure that debris doesn’t enter the system. When the filters haven’t been changed, they can quickly get clogged. Dirty filters can limit the effectiveness of the HVAC unit, forcing it to work harder to suck in clean air. To make sure that you get the right kind of filter and it gets installed correctly, you should make sure to contact an HVAC professional

4. Operate Your HVAC Unit at Stable Temperatures

When running your HVAC, try to avoid rapidly changing the temperature. Quick temperature changes can force your HVAC unit to work harder, costing you more in electricity costs. Generally, there will be a set temperature range where your HVAC functions optimally. You should make sure to ask an HVAC professional to help you locate this temperature. Then, you might want to use a programmable thermostat. Such thermostats will make it easier for you to maintain a stable, pleasant temperature throughout your home. Also, it will be able to reduce your running costs, as the HVAC becomes more energy efficient. 


Fall is one of the best times to check your HVAC system, allowing you to prepare yourself for a chilly Charleston winter ahead. You might also want to schedule a professional appointment with Temperature Pro. They will be able to spot potential problems that you might not be able to recognize. They’ll also be able to install new equipment and check the thermostat system. So, get in contact with Temperature Pro today and prepare yourself for winter.